12 Feb 2024  |   05:57am IST

After the ‘event’, garbage rests in peace behind Margao’s KTC bus-stand

After the ‘event’, garbage rests in peace behind Margao’s KTC bus-stand


The day has come and gone, the event was a success, and now the dust has settled. The frenzy that had gripped the residents of South Goa has finally subsided, returning to a semblance of normalcy. By “normal mode,” I mean the usual frenzy without the chaos.

Little do we realize that, despite all the work that has gone into making “the event” successful, a significant amount of waste has been generated in the process. 

One of the advantages of living in a small state is that there are very few secluded places to hide, play hooky, or, for that matter, dump garbage or waste, you are easily found out.

This time, however, the authorities have not even made the effort to dispose of the waste materials far enough to escape the notice of the average South Goan. 

Behind the Kadamba bus stand, is the latest dumping ground identified by the government. If that wasn't enough, the one-day event at the Kadamba bus stand has only added to the existing problem.

I sometimes wonder if these issues are even being addressed! If we, as residents, can be aware of the dangers that waste can cause when being dumped near people's homes, why can't the authorities do the same? At this rate, soon every house will have an address that states, "next to the XYZ waste management facility."

Does an article need to be published in a daily newspaper for the government to read, understand, process, and take action on it? This process seems very time-consuming for completing work in Goa. Admittedly, Goans are laid-back and relaxed, but we take pride in having a double-engine government, which our Chief Minister never fails to mention in his speeches across the state at various events. Isn't a double-engine government supposed to operate much more efficiently than a single one? At least, that is what a typical English-speaking Goan would understand.

South Goa was in the news due to the recently concluded energy conference held in Betul, along with the Prime Minister's address to the public at the Kadamba bus stand grounds. While I enjoyed my holiday at home, it pained me to see the destruction of the 80-year-old tree outside the bus stand, as well as the accumulation of discarded plastic sheets. Surely, they can be put to some use or, at the very least, recycled.

Living in a world that is already in a state of turmoil in various aspects of life, let us try our best to keep our surroundings free from factors that not only bring us closer to our graves but also to live a long life to be of help to our community. Let us not refrain from expressing our voices, as both you and I are striving for the improvement of life in our cherished state of Goa and our country as a whole.


Idhar Udhar