23 May 2020  |   06:04am IST

Air fares to and from Goa

Air fares to and from Goa

Team Herald

NEW DELHI:  After a two-month hiatus, one-third of the scheduled domestic flights would be flying from Monday after the airlines adhere to the government-prescribed limits on airfares.

The Ministry has notified the airfares for three months up to August 24 for any destination from Goa and from Goa to any destination, besides UDF, PSF and GST.

The airport minimum-maximum rate for 40% ticket to Mumbai is 2000, 6000, 4000. To Pune 2000, 6000, 4000. To Bangalore 2500, 7500, 5000. To Ahmedabad, Chennai and Indore 3000, 9000, 6000 and to Delhi, Kolkata and Lucknow 4500, 13000, 8750.


Iddhar Udhar