25 Jan 2020  |   05:54am IST

Aldona resident 'killed with stone'

Police on lookout for a female foreigner last seen with the deceased at Baga
Aldona resident 'killed with stone'

Team Herald

MAPUSA: Jefrino Barreto, a 45-year-old resident of Aldona, was killed when his head was reportedly smashed with a stone. Police are on the lookout for a female foreigner who was last seen with the victim.

Reliable sources said in the wee hours of Friday, police found a body of an unknown person, 100 metres away from Chandrakant Cottages at Baga. 

During the panchanama, the police identified the body to be of Jefrino Barreto, who was working as a waiter at a hotel in Guirim.

Sources informed that the incident took place around 3 am in the wee hours of Friday, when Barreto reportedly met the foreigner at Baga. Police believe she is behind the murder.

Reports indicate that Barreto and the female foreigner had an altercation regarding payment of money which the Aldona resident owed to the foreigner. Sources said that both were involved in selling drugs and the foreigner reportedly smashed Barreto’s head with a stone during the altercation which resulted into his instant death.

Sources from Barreto’s family claimed that the victim was working as waiter in a hotel at Guirim and used to travel back home late night often after midnight. They said he used to go directly to sleep on reaching home.

The family members were worried because he had not returned home on Thursday night. Later on Friday morning police informed the family about the incident.

It is learnt the body was found at an isolated place, some 100 metres away from the main road.


Iddhar Udhar