26 Feb 2024  |   07:19am IST

Align drain covers on D B Marg

Align drain covers on D B Marg


There are many drain covers on the DB Marg from the Magsons building right up to Miramar circle all of which are not aligned with the rest of the road.  Some of the grills installed are as much as 3 inches beneath the surrounding road surface.

On this road which is quite narrow, there is always bumper to bumper traffic and speeding vehicles push the 2 wheel riders on to these mis-aligned grills and there is a strong possibility of the riders losing their balance as happened to a senior citizen who had a bad fall and injury just adjacent to New Horizon hotel.

Besides, at various points on the DB Marg at the points where pavers meet the asphalt road there are deep depressions which give a heavy jolt to motorists which can even cause back and neck injuries. Is this any way of road engineering?

There are as it is enough of road accidents and all the defects on DB Marg need to be put right urgently.


Iddhar Udhar