07 Jun 2020  |   05:39am IST

Amidst lockdown, ‘Parivartan Karo Na’ takes shape

Team Herald

PANJIM: The COVID-19 has impacted the global community and in these times, real solutions are needed to achieve a breakthrough. The GDP Foundation invited people to put on their thinking caps to help turn the tide in the post-COVID-19 scenario.

Launched on April 14, this year, Parivartan Karo Na, a contest-cum-internship, is an initiative by GDP Foundation to encourage people from all walks of life to think of simple, smart and superior sustainable solutions to help the State, nation and the world to bounce back.

It presented five critical challenges for finding curated and execution able solutions and not suggestions, as (a) medical combat readiness; (b) socio, economic and cultural ecosystem restoration; (c) envisage new form of operations (d) smart disaster management system for the State and (e) revive, restore and reinvent the Goan economy.

The response was tremendous as around 125 registered in less than three weeks in the Parivartan Karo Na initiative and of which 96 submissions did fructify.

Presiding over the press conference, President of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Manoj Caculo launched the report book “The Making of Parivartan Karo Na” which is a compilation of the entire initiative and the results.

Following entries have qualified as “Hi-Potential “ and will be awarded certificate, and based on their assessment report, they will be eligible for either  cash prize, contribution towards prototype funding, seed funding, liasoning with the investors, government and industry. The liasoning will be initiated on August 1, and the above entries will have to go through a preparatory orientation. 

All the balance entries qualified as developmental will also be awarded with a certificate and will be presented with an assessment report. They will be mentored and supported to move to hi-potential by the GDP Foundation, subject to their perseverance, zeal and consistency. Their mentoring will be initiated from August 1.


Iddhar Udhar