Herald: Aquem passes resolution to protect image of Goa

Aquem passes resolution to protect image of Goa

11 Feb 2019 05:05am IST
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11 Feb 2019 05:05am IST

Gram sabha wants film makers to avoid showing the State as a place for drugs, alcoholism and sex

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MARGAO: Aquem Baixo gram sabha on Sunday unanimously resolved against the destructive image of Goa being projected in the film industry and also by the government to promote tourism where the State is projected as a place for drugs, alcoholism and sex.

Sarpanch Siddesh Bhagat pointed out that this wrong impression makes the visitors misbehave and do all wrong things including rape as they think the women in Goa are freely available. “Alcohol consumption in public is also cultivated by the wrong impression that Goa is a land for alcohol,” he said.

He pointed out that given the fact that alcohol is cheaper in Goa than the neighbouring States, tourists and particularly the Indian tourists do tend to consume alcohol. But they do it excessively and even in public places because they think Goa is a land of alcoholics.

Hence the gram sabha resolved that the film industry and even government agencies be told to stop showing Goa as a land for drugs, alcohol and sex.

The gram sabha also asked the panchayat to write to the Public Works Department to immediately undertake the repairs or reconstruction wherever necessary of the drains in the village which are around 14 kms long.

It was also resolved very strongly to stop all gambling activities in the village which included gambling with cards that has increased in recent times. It was decided to approach the police to work out means to crack down on gambling whenever it is done in the village.

The panchayat was also empowered to engage two labourers to keep the village clean and they would be employed to tackle the garbage on roadside besides also cleaning the bushes and bushes growing by the side of the road.

The gram sabha was held without police protection after a very long time as the sarpanch wanted to spare the police of their time; besides, since only villagers came for the gram sabha to decide their problems there was no need to have police as no fights are expected amongst the people.

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