11 Aug 2023  |   07:02am IST

‘Transfer of waste from Sonsoddo to Saligao plant only temporary’

Total waste will not exceed daily capacity of 250 tonnes, says CM

Team Herald

PORVORIM: The State government assured the House on Thursday that waste accepted at the Saligao solid waste management facility from the Margao Municipal Council (MMC) is on a temporary basis, and they will not exceed the 250 tonnes per day (TPD) capacity.

Calangute MLA Michael Lobo, through a calling attention motion, described the fear among the people of Calangute, Saligao, and North Goa in general. They are concerned about the garbage trucks carrying waste from Sonsoddo in Margao, to the Solid Waste Management Facility in Saligao. They worry that this could pose health hazards to the citizens.

In response, the Minister for Waste Management, Atanasio Monserrate, pointed out that a report was filed by the Department of Urban Development in the High Court on July 11, stating that 30 tonnes of waste would be transported to the Saligao facility from MMC. As per the HC order, MMC was allowed to send 30 tonnes of waste to the Saligao facility.

Monserrate said, “Currently, MMC is sending an average of about 27 tons of waste daily. The total average waste received in July at the Saligao facility, including MMC waste and wet waste, is about 240.6 tonnes. It should be noted that the waste received from MMC is on a temporary basis and will continue until the facility reaches its designated capacity of 250 tonnes.”

Reacting to the Minister’s response, Lobo stated that the Minister’s claim that only 240 tonnes of waste were coming to the Saligao treatment plant was “totally wrong”. Lobo pointed out discrepancies in the figures and expressed concern about waste from other areas being accepted, causing foul smells and inconvenience to nearby residents.


Idhar Udhar