23 Sep 2022  |   07:27am IST

At last, Education Dept deputes regular teacher at Govt Primary School at Valkini

The department took cognisance of Herald report on an ex-student, who started teaching the floundering students of school free of cost; sources say the educator deputed at the School is a trained English teacher
At last, Education Dept deputes regular  teacher at Govt Primary School at Valkini

Team Herald

SANGUEM/PANJIM: Taking cognisance of a Herald report wherein an ex-student of the institution, who started teaching the floundering students at the Government Primary School at Valkini, Sanguem free of cost, the Education Department finally deputed a teacher at the school on Thursday. 

It is pertinent to note that the school was functioning without a school teacher for nearly 12 days.

The Education Department allegedly made no efforts to depute a regular teacher.

Premanand Rekdo, a DEd degree holder from the village at the request of school PTA, took up the responsibility of conducting classes for 18 students of the school for three days.

Complimenting the media for highlighting the issue, the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of the school is however is in a fix over the Education Department’s quick response in deputing a regular teacher at the school. Eyebrows have been raised whether the teacher will be in a position to conduct classes in all subjects.

Sources informed that the educator deputed at the Valkini School is a trained English teacher, who as per the terms of her recruitment is supposed to conduct only English classes in one school twice a week. Such trained English teachers are reportedly supposed to visit three schools a week.

The parents of students studying at Government Primary School wonder whether the trained English Teacher will be able to impart proper education to their wards in all other subjects.

“I urge the Education Department to be more serious in deputing teachers on time when it comes to retirement of old teachers. The Department should have a clean record of such teachers and the process of deputing a new teacher should be done in advance rather than making a stop-gap arrangement at the last minute thereby putting the students to hardship,” Rekdo said.

Directorate of Education Shailendra Zingde said, “Government today posted a new teacher. I have also issued an order asking the earlier teacher to join within a day or two. We will investigate the issue and if the teacher is found guilty then action will be taken against him.”

Zingde said the Sanguem ADEI had issued an order posting a teacher in the primary school but the said teacher did not report by giving various silly reasons. The said teacher in spite of the order did not report to school since the schools responded after Ganesh Chaturthi holidays i.e. from September 7 till date. 

The ADEI reported that despite the order the teacher has not reported for last 10 days, he said.

The Director of Education further said there was shortage of teachers and process to recruit 142 teachers has started. The new teachers will be selected after completing the tests, he added.  


Idhar Udhar