Herald: BAD WEATHER: Readied 7 years ago, Doppler keeps missing inaugural date

BAD WEATHER: Readied 7 years ago, Doppler keeps missing inaugural date

13 Jun 2017 07:04am IST
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13 Jun 2017 07:04am IST

Advanced Met department gizmo will provide info on storms, cyclones

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PANJIM: The inauguration of the Doppler Weather Radar (DWR), which can provide advanced information about storms, cyclones and other weather conditions, has been postponed. The radar, whose installation has already been delayed by seven years, was to be inaugurated at Indian Metrological Department (IMD) Altinho on June 14,

Speaking to Herald, IMD-Goa, Director M L Sahu said, “We had to postpone the inauguration as our chief guest, Secretary of Earth Sciences, is not available on June 14 due to foreign assignments.”

The radar is, however, already being tested. “The radar uses advanced knowledge of clouds, rainfall and cyclonic depression. The range for the radar is 450 kms but at 300 kms we get a clear picture. If you visit our website, you will be able to see the radar images. The radar is capable of giving five days forecast and an additional two days making it seven days,” Sahu said.

The decision to install the sophisticated radar was taken following the death of around 70 fishermen from the State as a result of cyclone Phyan in 2009. In the absence of a radar, IMD had failed to warn fishermen of the coming storm.

Sources said that the new high end radar will be crucial to fishermen and 

farmers, especially at the time of inclement weather conditions and importantly help the department increase the span of its forecast.

“With the new radar, the department shall be able to forecast the weather even two to three days in advance. This system shall be operated 24 hours. It is especially useful for Goa. Being a coastal state, this radar can be used in providing vital information about oncoming thunder storms, cyclones and other calamities,” sources said.

The Doppler radar, costing Rs 5 crore, was to be commissioned in 2010, but security scares amid reports that it was Chinese-made mothballed it and it was even shifted out of Goa for security reasons by the Defence Ministry in 2012. The failure of the Bharat Electronics Limited radar, forced Defence Ministry to green signal the radar in 2014, but the radar is yet to be installed.
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