Herald: BJP fooled Dhangars with assurances of ST status: leader

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BJP fooled Dhangars with assurances of ST status: leader

16 Mar 2019 05:31am IST
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16 Mar 2019 05:31am IST

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Gomantak Dhangar Samajonnati Mandal, Goa led by their President Chandrakant Babu Kavlekar has alleged that the BJP government repeatedly fooled them with assurances of granting ST status to the community.

Kavlekar, who is the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, has vowed to convey the failure of the State and Central BJP in granting ST status to Dhangars in this Lok Sabha campaign.

Kavlekar said that people would not get fooled again by the assurances of BJP and also vowed to highlight all these before the people during campaign.

The Dhangar Community has its presence in Sanguem, Dharbandora, Bicholim, Sattari talukas and claim to have supported all governments for grant of ST status for their community. 

“We have only faced disbelief. Government had given us assurance and manifestos too mentioned of assurances to grant ST status for the Dhangar community. BJP said that they will do it in 6 months if it comes to power at the Centre. It has been 60 months now nothing favourable has happened,” Kavlekar said. 

“State government or the MP is expected to do the needful while the environment was favourable,” Kavlekar said. 

He said that he would hold meetings in all talukas on this matter and question the Centre and State whether they are going to give only assurances to the community.

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