Herald: Balrath workers living ‘miserable’ life after nearly 10 years of service

Balrath workers living ‘miserable’ life after nearly 10 years of service

13 Jan 2019 05:21am IST
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13 Jan 2019 05:21am IST
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PONDA: The Balrath bus scheme is entering tenth year of its launch. It proved beneficial to thousands of students and great relief to their parents. However, the drivers and the attendants who brought smiles on the faces of the students and their parents are not smiling.

They work extra hours without extra payments and ensure that the students are brought to school and returned home safely. But sadly, the government has failed the drivers and the attendants of Balraths: for the last over nine years, their salaries have remained the same and so are their conditions of service. Their demands for hike in salary and regularization of service have not been heeded to by the government.

Secretary of Balrath workers Shivkumar Naik said that he is pained that despite completing nine years of service, they are struggling to feed their families with meager salary of Rs 10,000 for drivers and Rs 5,500 for attendants. And after eight years of agitation, the salaries of the drivers were hiked by Rs 1000 and that of the attendants by Rs 500, recently.

“Is it possible to feed families with this meager salary?” Naik questioned and demanded regularisation of their jobs and salary of Rs 20,000 and Rs 10,000 for the drivers and attendants, respectively.

Balrath Employees Union Leader Swati Kerkar said that ever since the Balarath scheme was launched, the employees are harassed by the school managements and education department. 

“There is no direction to schools to pay salary from their funds, if there is delay by government in giving grants towards salary of Balrath workers. If the grants are not received, the school managements delay their payments by almost more than three months. If we complain about it to Education Department, it points finger at the school managements. If the school managements are questioned why the salary is delayed, they points finger at the Education Department that it delayed grants,” she said. 

“Nobody takes responsibility for Balrath salaries,” Kerkar said and termed it a pure harassment and step motherly treatment.

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