Herald: Benaulim local claims trespass by govt officials

Benaulim local claims trespass by govt officials

25 Mar 2019 06:08am IST
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25 Mar 2019 06:08am IST

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MARGAO: Antonio Savio Gomes from Benaulim has filed a petition against the Government, the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation and contractor Souza Engineers & Contractors for trespassing into his property without his permission or without acquiring it.

GSIDC has undertaken the work of widening the road and beautification of the area from Khareband to Tolleaband in Benaulim village and the work has been tendered to Souza Engineers & Contractors. However, the road widening is being done without an NOC from the land owner or acquisition of the land.

Antonio Savio Gomes has inherited property surveyed under No 119/8 of Benaulim and portion of this property is being used for the road widening. Besides, the contractor Souza Engineers & Contractors has trespassed in his property and built temporary structures for his workers to live in.

On January 9, 2001 in a family partition deed Antonio Savio Gomes’ mother Alba Celina Otolina de Santana Misquita was allotted properties surveyed under numbers 119/8, 134/1, 131/1, 132/2, 120/14, 154/5 of village Benaulim. 

Alba Celina Otolina de Santana Misquita’s three sons relinquished their rights to the said properties and hence they came to be inherited by Antonio Savio Gomes. 

One Aivina Mesquita who incidentally has now given an NOC to carry out works in Survey numbers 119/8 and 131/1 even though she is in no way associated with these properties.

What is surprising is that the so called NOC issued by her is on a plain paper to which two court fee stamps of Rs. 5 each are attached. Interestingly other NOC are obtained on a stamp paper in the form of an affidavit except for Aivina’s.

On February 5, 2019 Antonio Savio wrote to GSIDC managing director about the trespass in his property and pointed out that his land has not been acquired nor has he issued any NOC for any work to be carried out in it. 

In response to that GSIDC General Manager Jude Carvalho vide letter dated February 8, 2019 stated that they “have not given any directions to contractor to set up labour hutments” and further said the land is coming under the right of way and that its ownership is “under verification”.

Fed up with the delaying tactics adopted by the authorities as nobody has stopped the road widening nor has anybody shifted the illegal shanty erected in his property, Antonio Savio Gomes has now moved the courts for relief.

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