01 Jul 2020  |   05:38am IST

Bldg contractors assn urges govt to resume sand extraction

Bldg contractors  assn urges govt to resume sand extraction

Team Herald 

Margao: The Building Contractors Association of Goa has demanded that the government immediately starts sand extraction and supply in the State, which has been prohibited for the last one year. 

Association President Deepak Dessai said that several government projects of public importance, which had started before the prohibition, have stopped for want of sand, which is the primary construction material. "The expenses on building material are at its peak and costlier than ever. The government has to consider our plea to start the sand supply" requested Deepak. 

Deepak  revealed that several contractors have won the tenders for various government projects and are stuck midway with the work due to absence of sand. “There are some who have not even been able to start the work" he added. 

Presently, sand is only available from Kudal in Maharashtra and it is extremely costly for the contractors."Illegal extraction of sand has stopped Goa. In fact the need is so big that the government should regularise this extraction with rules and regulations and let the supply begin," Deepak added. 


Iddhar Udhar