25 Nov 2022  |   06:32am IST

Blow to Minister as no-trust move against PMC chief

Blow to Minister as no-trust move against PMC chief

Team Herald

PONDA: With the musical chair still continuing at the Ponda Municipal Council (PMC) as the council tenure is coming near completion, BJP-led PMC led by Chairperson Ritesh Naik on Thursday received a setback after eight councillors out of a 15-member council submitted a No Confidence Motion notice to the Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA).

The notice has been issued when just six months have been left to end the five-year term of the council. BJP-backed Chairperson Ritesh, being the son of Ponda MLA and Agriculture Minister Ravi Naik, is also considered as setback to the minister. 

The councillors who signed the notice are Venktesh Naik, William Aguiar, Pradeep Naik, Jaya Sawant, Seema Fernandes, Ameena Naik, Geetali Talavalikar and Shantaram Colvekar. 

Just before the Assembly elections, Ritesh had joined the BJP from Congress and thereafter his father the Ponda MLA had also joined BJP from Congress. 

While Ravi Naik contested on a BJP ticket and became Agriculture Minister after BJP winning the Assembly elections, Ritesh was struggling to become PMC chairperson and was also defeated in his attempt. However, he became chairperson in April this year and now faces a no confidence motion.

Besides the BJP, there are around seven MGP-backed councillors in the Ponda Municipal Council. If no confidence motion is passed, which is scheduled in eight days, it would be a big blow to the BJP.

Earlier, BJP-backed four councillors have become PMC chairperson while two MGP-backed councillors have also enjoyed the post.


Idhar Udhar