Herald: Book online to visit Dudhsagar

Book online to visit Dudhsagar

31 Oct 2018 06:22am IST
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31 Oct 2018 06:22am IST

To ease the burden on interested tourists, the forest department in coordination with trade organisations to induce tourists to book online to avoid disappointment

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PONDA: The Forest Department in coordination with Dudhsagar Tour Operators Association at Collem has taken the initiative to begin on line registration for visiting the Dudhsagar waterfall. This is to prevent inconvenience and disappointment to tourists wishing to visit Dudhsagar Waterfall in absence of an advance booking facility.  This was stated by Tribello Souza president of Dudhsagar Tour Operators Association. 

Trobello Sousa said there is good response for online registration app and at least 70 Jeeps are registered per day. 

He said by paying a fee of Rs 60 per jeep the visitors can arrive at the counter and pay the fees for Jeep by showing online registration message on mobile. Per jeep seven passengers are allowed on payment of Rs 3500 per  jeep. 

He said tour operators will allow the online register 100 to 200 Jeeps in next few months. Since the commencement of season from October 2 so far more than 31000 tourists visited the site. 

He expressed happiness that government had allowed this season the Jeep Operators to ferry 300 jeeps per day from 27 Oct to 27 January 2019. He hoped that with government permitting more jeeps from 225 to 300 jeeps this season he hoped that this year season more than 3 lakh tourist will visit the site as against past year 2.5 lakh tourist. 

He appealed to the tourism department and tour operators in Goa to take note of online registration. Any person from any part of world can register booking from any part of world.

Over the past few years thousands of tourist arriving in Goa  had missed the glimpse of World famous Dudhsagar water fall at Collem and travelled back in  dissapointment without watching it despite of visiting close to it in this village due to rush of thousands of  visitors at a time per day and  restriction for limited Jeeps ferrying to them  at Dudhsagar waterfall site located in forest area at around 14 km away from Village, as many of them were forced to return back with disapointment as tourist were allowed to visit on first come first basis at Collem. 

But now hence forth  it is not a distant dream  to visit a Dudhsagar waterfall as now trip to Dudhsagar visit has to be registered online by visitors and so the tourist has now choice to visit it and enjoy it on day when their trip is fixed. 
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