18 Sep 2023  |   06:02am IST

Bus stop or a fruit stop?

Bus stop or a fruit stop?

Roque Fernandes Duler, Mapusa

A bus stop situated close to two private hospitals at Duler, Mapusa, has been converted into a fruit stop.

Hundreds of patients and their relatives who visit these hospitals have to stand by the roadside and wait for a bus as the lone shelter for passengers has been converted into a fruit stop.

It is sad to see patients standing helplessly waiting by the busy road and waving out to vehicles hoping that they would halt and let them board.

By doing so they expose themselves to grave risks as there is heavy flow of traffic along this route day in and day out.

One wonders which city father has dared to convert this bus stop erected by the government into a fruit stall. Surely it is without a benefit of doubt that such illegalities are carried out for pecuniary benefits. For sure if Goans had to do this, they would have been kicked out the next day. One hopes that better counsel prevails and the fruit vendor is evicted and the place is restored to its original status for the safety and security of the public.


Iddhar Udhar