Herald: CCTV cameras may be re-installed at Vasco soon
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CCTV cameras may be re-installed at Vasco soon

31 Aug 2017 05:11am IST
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31 Aug 2017 05:11am IST

The 52 CCTV cameras which were installed at major points around Vasco city some time ago are either defunct or stolen, and those concerned want the cameras back

Team Herald

VASCO: Finally the defunct CCTV cameras at the Vasco police station would be replaced with a new set of cameras that would keep track on all the operations, affairs inside and outside the Vasco police station building. A consolidated proposal in this regard has been already sent to the senior police officials for speedy disposal.

“We have about four CCTV cameras installed at the Vasco police station; however none of these cameras are working. We even tried to get the same repaired but as the estimated cost for repairs was going high we decided to installed new CCTV cameras for which a consolidated proposal has already been sent. These CCTV cameras,” Vasco PI Nolasco Raposo said talking to this correspondent.

There are many advantage of having CCTV cameras inside the police station. Anything happening at the police station was not been recorded earlier. However once the new CCTV cameras were installed, everything will be recorded. Also any complaints or allegation on police for not attending to complaint or any other form of complaint can then be verified using CCTV cameras, he said.

Also CCTV cameras have become very important in keeping vigil on movement of suspect persons and detecting crimes, he said.

“ CCTV cameras can do the impossible as policemen cannot remain round the clock at a particular site and thus we have also advised businessman and other establishments having operations in Vasco to install CCTV cameras, as any accused person can be caught red-handed with the help of inputs given by CCTV footage. In many states CCTV cameras are a regular feature, but here we have encountered problems because of non-availability of CCTV footage,” Raposo said.

What is important to note here is that though Vasco city had 52 CCTV cameras installed at all major junctions, cross-roads, buildings etc however now all these cameras have become defunct. Ironically many CCTV cameras are even missing from the site where it was installed, he added. Surprisingly, MMC and other leaders made tall claims about the installation of new CCTV cameras in Vasco but all that promise has finally turned into mere lip-service, he pointed out.  

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