05 Mar 2024  |   06:32am IST

CM urged to intervene in speed governors problem

Team Herald

CALANGUTE: Rent-a-cab operators and taxi owners in the coastal belt of Bardez have urged the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to go slow on the implementation of speed governors and other contentious rules.

Talking to mediapersons, rent-a-cab operators in coastal belt have claimed that speed governors which have been installed in rental vehicles and taxis are malfunctioning and the dealer is refusing to repair or replace them, claiming that the chips are not available. 

Instead, they are told to buy new speed governors from the dealers. “Those who want to buy and install new speed governors are now being told that they are currently not available. Without speed governors, the car owners are being fined Rs 10,000, which is much too high and results in a complete loss,” they said.

The operators said they have to keep their vehicles in operation as they have to pay back the loans as the cars were purchased by obtaining loans after pledging their gold ornaments. 

“We appeal to the chief minister to show some relaxation and stop giving challans for not having speed governors,” they said. 

When contacted, Director of Transport P Pravimal Abhishek, IAS said that as per the amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989, speed governors in mandatory for all vehicles registered after October 1985. He further said speed governors are mandatory for all transport vehicles.   


Iddhar Udhar