Herald: CMP finalised, announcement to be made by CM today
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CMP finalised, announcement to be made by CM today

19 Jun 2017 06:13am IST

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19 Jun 2017 06:13am IST

Report by
Team Herald

Coconut tree will be reclassified and also be recognised as the State Tree; 80 per cent jobs in the private sector will be given to local youth, says Vijai at Margao programme

PANJIM/MARGAO: The coalition government on Sunday missed another date for announcing the much-awaited Common Minimum Programme (CMP) to the public though the Chief Minister's Office (CMO) late in the evening clarified that CMP has been finalized and will be released on Monday as the CM was out of Goa.

Earlier in the day, after attending a programme in the State, Parrikar left for other engagements outside Goa and tweeted that the formal announcement of CMP would be made on Monday.

CM Parrikar while addressing the gathering on the occasion of Goa Revolution Day on Sunday had said that the CMP copies shall be made available by Sunday afternoon to the media but failed to do so.

Meanwhile, in Margao, the Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai while disclosing some points of the Common Minimum Programme of the alliance government, likened the Goa Forward Party’s movement on Goenkarponn to that launched by Ram Manohar Lohia on June 18, 1946.

Speaking as chief guest at the Goa Revolution Day celebrations at Margao, he said Goa’s freedom movement that was dormant, was revived by Ram Manohar Lohia in the same manner as Goa Forward Party has revived Goanness or Goenkarponn that had become dormant in Goa.

While appealing to the people to give the present government a chance to prove its mettle, he asserted that Goem, Goenkar and Goenkarponn will be the backbone of the present government and added that all the pre-poll promises made by his party will be honoured.

“The way this government was formed is in itself a modern day revolution for which I was castigated on this very platform from where I want to assure all, including those who criticised me, that all the issues that I had raised will be honoured,” he said and went on to list some of the key issues of the Common Minimum Programme.

Communal harmony in Goa will be the backbone of the government he said adding that nobody, including any Sadhvi, will be permitted to disturb the harmony in any manner. “The government will not react every time somebody says something but be assured that nobody will be allowed to disturb the harmony that we cherish here in Goa,” he said.

He also asserted that the coconut tree will be reclassified as a tree under the Preservation of Tree Act and promised that the present government will recognise it as the “State Tree”.

He said the government will provide the ingredients required for Goans staple meal like rice, coconut, fish and bread at subsidised rates through government agencies or schemes.

He disclosed that a tripartite memorandum of understanding will be signed by the Union Inland Waterways Department, Mormugao Port Trust and Captain of Ports, Goa government to ensure that control over Goan rivers remains with Goa.

He said the government is committed to not only improve agriculture in the State but is also planning to brand Goan agricultural produce. Markets along the highways for local farmers will commence very shortly he said.

“The government is committed to honour Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to double the income of farmers by 2020,” he said and added that mechanised farming will be given a big boost. “Mechanised transplanting for the current crop is already launched but could not be publicised properly because of the code of conduct,” he said.

While pointing out that preparing Regional Plan 2011 in 2017 does not make sense, he said a comprehensive Regional Plan 2030 will be revealed shortly that protects Goan rivers, khazan lands, slopes, hills while at the same time protecting development rights.

Vijai announced to much cheer from the councillors present that municipal councils in Goa will have common cadre. 

He also expressed happiness over the reduction of the garbage hillock at Sonsoddo and said government is planning to have another sewage management plant in Goa.

Conceding that the noise pollution rules are causing a problem in Goa specially for celebration of marriages, he said relaxation for areas and certain days is being sought with the Central ministry. 

Speaking on youth, he said 80 per cent jobs in the private sector will be given to local youth. Besides, he said the new tourism policy being prepared will be for, of and by local youth so that they get the benefits of the tourism trade in the State.

While stating that the government wants wide and safe roads, he said a comprehensive mobility plan to reduce travelling time is also being prepared.

There will be no change in the Medium of Instruction he said adding that the government was interested in improving the quality of education and added that the Official Language Act will be implemented in letter and spirit.

He said the government aims to provide housing for all by 2020 and rehabilitation of slums is also being planned.

He promised that all projects cleared by the Investment Promotion Board will be reviewed he said seeking to allay the fears expressed by some sections that IPB had cleared “red” category projects.

While appealing to the people to give the present government a chance, he sarcastically stated that Goa did not need crab farms as there are many crabs in the State taking a dig at detractors who try to pull down anything good that is happening! 

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