11 Jun 2021  |   06:03am IST

COVID waste dumped at Sonsoddo will be lifted immediately: GSWMC

Nearly 150 trucks of COVID waste dumped, says Sanitary Inspector
COVID waste dumped at Sonsoddo will be lifted immediately: GSWMC

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Goa Solid Waste Management Corporation (GSWMC) on Thursday has assured the Margao Municipality that bio-medical and other COVID waste collected and dumped at Sonsoddo will be lifted immediately, said MMC Chairperson Lyndon Pereira during his inspection of the site. 

Chairperson along with vice-chairperson Dipali Sawal, Sanitary Inspector Viraj Arabekar, visited  Sonsoddo and discussed the future course of action with regard to COVID waste. 

After the inspection Lyndon and the Dipali were found a huge quantity of COVID waste dumped at the isolated site of Sonsoddo yard and the yellow bags of COVID waste were mixed with other bio-medical waste in the isolated area. Sanitary inspector informed the chairperson that the quantity of the waste were more than 150 trucks. 

Sanitary Inspector further said Lyndon said that they have been asked by the government to only collect the COVID waste and that the MMC has no role to play besides this. 

Lyndon later instructed the Sanitary Inspector to spray the COVID waste with sodium hydrochloride as per the instruction from the Solid Waste Management.  

"Before coming for the inspection I had spoken with Managing Director of the Goa Solid Waste Management Levinson Martin who assured that the COVID waste will be lifted immediately. Levinson will approach the agency appointed by the government with regard to disposing off the COVID waste,” he said. 

He said that we have instructed the Sanitary Inspector to spray the area, where the COVID waste has been dumped and see that it will not lead to health hazards. 

Lyndon assured that henceforth MMC will see to it that collected COVID waste is lifted immediately and they will coordinate with the agency appointed by the government. 

When questioned why there was a delay in tackling the issue, Lyndon said that he was unaware about the same. 

Sanitary Inspector Viraj informed that there are nearly 150 trucks of COVID waste dumped at Sonsoddo, as MMC has no other option to further deal with the said waste. 

Lyndon also took stock of the ongoing work of the shed pertaining to the belling machine. "Contractor has assured to complete the work by next 15 days", said Lyndon. 

At the time of inspection, it was also noticed that nearly 50 tonnes of regular garbage from the commercial city was being dumped at Sonsoddo, however belling of only six to seven tonnes of waste is getting completed per day. The backlog garbage has become a headache for the MMC, as to how to tackle it.

"I will put up this issue before Chief Officer Agnelo Fernandes, in order to expedite the process of belling. If not handled now, it will create major problem in future," he said.