11 Jul 2024  |   05:37am IST

CRG hopeful of effective implementation of Bal Gram Panchayat

Children's Rights in Goa (CRG) says functioning of Village Child Committees and City Child Committees are crucial for creating safer and more supportive environment for all children

Team Herald

PANJIM: The Children's Rights in Goa (CRG) has hoped that village panchayats will actively take the initiative to establish Village Child Committees (VCCs) by every panchayat and City Child Committees (CCCs) by each municipal council, thereby reinforcing the protection of child rights throughout the State. 

The activation and proper functioning of these committees are crucial for creating a safer and more supportive environment for all children in the State, it said.

The CRG is a registered NGO dedicated to the protection of children and the implementation of child rights programmes. For over two decades, the CRG has tirelessly worked to enforce the Goa Children’s Act, 2003, a legislative framework designed to safeguard the rights and welfare of children across the state.

CRG, in collaboration with other NGOs, played a crucial role in drafting the Goa Children’s Act, 2003, which includes specific provisions under Section 13 (8) and (9) that mandate the establishment of VCCs by each panchayat and City Child Committees CCCs in the municipalities of Goa. These committees are intended to ensure the protection and promotion of child rights at the grassroot level.

Initially, the VCCs existed only on paper, with no tangible impact on the communities they were meant to serve. Recognising this gap, the CRG took decisive action to activate these committees and make them functional. The first VCC was established in Arambol in 2006. Since then, CRG has been instrumental in organising Bal Gram Sabhas and Bal Panchayats in several villages in North Goa. These initiatives had empowered children, giving them a platform to voice their concerns and participate in decision-making processes affecting their lives.

The Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (GSCPCR) recently issued guidelines concerning the implementation of Bal Gram Panchayats and the Directorate of Panchayat is set to enforce these guidelines across all villages in Goa. This development is a significant step forward in ensuring that the provisions of the Goa Children’s Act are fully realised, the CRG said.


Idhar Udhar