30 Nov 2021  |   07:41am IST

Calangute police wants act for bars employing waitresses & dancers to take a special licence

The justification is that many bars have dancers but not regulated timings; A licence would force bars to follow safety regulations for women
Calangute police wants act for bars employing waitresses & dancers to take a special licence


CALANGUTE: Police Inspector Nolasco Raposo of Calangute Police Station has moved a recommendation before senior officers to enact a legislation for bars employing dancers to take a special dance bar licence in view of protecting the dignity of the women working in bars, restaurants, clubs and pubs.  

Interestingly the police admit that there are many restaurants which employ dancers in Calangute.

In a recommendation, the police have said that several clubs or establishments having bars and restaurants in this police station jurisdiction have employed ladies as waitresses or dancers who work till late in the night.

The copy of the recommendation which is in receipt of Herald further states, “There is urgent need to protect the dignity of these employees working in the said establishments.”

More than a dozen clubs under the pretext of bar and restaurants are operating in the Candolim, Calangute, Baga and Arpora villages. There have been many late night incidents in the past in which cases have landed up at the Police Station giving a tough time to the police.

Raposo further said the enactment of legislation will regularise the said trade and it will be in the control of police.

“It is submitted that Maharashtra Government has rightly enacted “The Maharashtra Prohibition of Obscene Dance in Hotels, Establishments and Bar Rooms and Protection of Dignity of Women(Working therein) Act, 2016”, wherein the said establishments can operate between 6 pm and 11:30 pm so as to protect these ladies,” the recommendation has mentioned. 

It appeals before the higher authorities to consider the recommendation and if approved then to place it before the State government to enact the legislation.