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Calangute shows Goa the way ahead

06 Dec 2018 06:07am IST
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06 Dec 2018 06:07am IST

An NGO is putting to good use plastic that is generated as waste and objects like benches are being created out of it



CALANGUTE: Managing plastic waste is a challenge faced by every village across the State. That however does not seem to be the case for the Calangute panchayat, which along with Global Shapers, an NGO,is putting into good use plastic bottles collected door-to-door.

The panchayat has identified several areas across the village where they are creating seating arrangements. This is an initiative to use plastic waste to build benches. The panchayat has a targetof creating a total of 22 benches across Calangute. Few will be along the roadside while others will be in places where people gather in the evenings.

These benches resemble the ‘Sopos’ which were found in the traditional Indo-Portuguese balconies. While the benches are designed to reflect the original traditional aesthetic, the plastic bottles are also left un-plastered to create awareness about their management.

CalanguteSarpanch Shawn Martins informed that benches are being constructed out of waste plastic bottles and other construction debris from Calangute. Hotels were also approached for their waste plastic bottles.

“Everyone is aware that garbage is a universal problem and the menace caused due to plastic waste. The Calangute panchayat along with an NGO are working together to carry out development by making use of waste. This is an initiative and a very environmental friendly way of disposing plastic and other debris found at construction sites. This idea is conceptualized by Global Shapers and we are only helping in terms of labour and other requirement,” Martins said stressing that the panchayat has good ideas and wants to work with the youth to bring about a change.

“A total of 1,500 bottles were used to construct these two benches.  Construction and road side debris were strained and used to fill the bottles.They started building the layers of plastic bottles using cement and the bench took shape very quickly.Already two benches are fully ready. We are working towards our priorities,” he added.

The Sarpanch also highlighted that they are working towards providing the locals with a children’s park, walking track for senior citizens, outdoor gym and a small 5-a-side football playfield with lights for the youth.
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