27 May 2023  |   06:05am IST

Canacona’s municipal building miles away from completion

Team Herald

CANACONA: Although the work of Canacona’s municipal building is underway on a war-footing, its completion before the deadline seems unlikely. The building is being constructed by Goa State Urban Development Agency at the same place where the Portuguese-era building once stood.

Currently the municipal office runs in a private, rented space at Char-Rasta by paying a rent of over Rs 50,000 a month.

The new building which is being built at an estimated cost of Rs 9,12,44,079 uses G+2 model. The firm, ‘DS Contractor Pvt Ltd’ was awarded the contract on July13, 2021 with a deadline of 18 months to complete the project. However, this July it will be two years since the construction began.  

“The people residing within the municipal area pay the house tax and garbage tax only for municipality to spend it on rent. It is municipality’s responsibility to make sure that the construction was finished in time,” said one of locals from Canacona.


Iddhar Udhar