Herald: Chaotic Bandora gram sabha adjourned

Chaotic Bandora gram sabha adjourned

11 Feb 2019 05:03am IST
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11 Feb 2019 05:03am IST

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PONDA: The Bandora gram sabha members took the panchayat members to task on Sunday over a proposed mega project at Farmagudi, the recently inaugurated underpass in the village and Kashimath football ground.  

The gram sabha began peacefully, but it turned chaotic over various issues; even clashes broke out during the discussions; and the villagers even refused to allow the panchayat members to wind up the meeting even after 5 pm and leave the place. Finally, the police stepped in and restored order.

Since all the issues were not discussed due to the chaos, the gram sabha has now been adjourned to February 17.

Angry that neither the panchayat members nor the secretary was giving satisfactory answers to their questions, the villagers even asked the secretary to “shut his mouth.”

Locals Dinesh Gaunekar, Gurudas Naik, Subash Naik, Vijesh Naik and other repeatedly told the panchayat members that they were not giving satisfactory answers to their questions.

Deputy Sarpanch Saloni Gaude chaired the meeting.

On the issue of mega project, the locals said that four years ago the mega project at Farmagudi was opposed with the gram sabha passing resolution against it. 

Alleging that same party has now applied afresh for licence for the mega project, the locals questioned the panchayat body as to why it was corresponding with the party.

The locals were also unhappy that the underpass constructed at Bandora near Kashimath ground is built cross with no proper dividers, sign boards and risky to locals. 

The locals said they had passed resolution asking to write to PWD and NH authority to take safety measures, but instead the panchayat went one step further joined the inauguration of underpass without looking into the safety aspect. 

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