29 Jan 2024  |   05:58am IST

Chiwai-Tuem couple proves the financial viability and beauty of agriculture

Chiwai-Tuem couple proves the financial viability and beauty of agriculture


PERNEM: In a remarkable shift, agriculture is gaining prominence as a financially viable and fulfilling profession, challenging the preference for government jobs in the past. Shreya Naik and Ravi Naik from Chiwai-Tuem exemplify this change, demonstrating that with dedication, farming can offer substantial earnings surpassing those of government jobs.

The enterprising couple has embraced a diverse range of agricultural endeavours, including the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and rice. Shreya Naik, in particular, has focused on growing various types of vegetables and fruits, including those popular for salads among foreign tourists.

This year, their expansive fields boast of a variety of crops such as watermelons, two types of wal (long beans), chillies, tambdi bhaji (red amaranth), radishes, bitter gourd, groundnut, and alasande (black-eyed peas). The couple has also dedicated a significant area to cultivate marigold flowers, especially for festivals like Chaturthi, Diwali, and Dussehra, adding to the scenic beauty of their farms.

Shreya Naik emphasises that while a government servant works approximately eight hours a day, a farmer can achieve comparable or higher earnings by working half that time in the field. However, she underscores the importance of developing a passion for the profession. She believes that if the government promptly compensates farmers for losses caused by unforeseen calamities, more youth will be inclined to choose farming over jobs.

Farmers in the region express concerns about animals from the hilltop, such as cows, bison, and monkeys, entering their fields and causing damage to crops. They call for the Forest Department’s intervention to manage and prevent such incursions. The destruction of forests, coupled with wildlife seeking water, has led to increased human-animal conflicts. Farmers argue that timely compensation from the agriculture department would renew enthusiasm for farming.

Ravi Naik is optimistic that with adequate support and compensation, the green revolution in agriculture is achievable and not a distant dream. The couple’s success story stands as a testament to the potential of agriculture as a flourishing and rewarding livelihood.


Idhar Udhar