10 May 2019  |   05:40am IST

Chris Perry’s son takes to the streets to reclaim house

Issues a rallying call to all Goans living abroad to save their properties from being taken away
Chris Perry’s son takes to the streets to reclaim house

Team Herald

Margao: Glenn Perry, the son of the legendary musician Chris Perry, has complained that his house has been usurped by some persons in his absence. He has filed a complaint at the Fatorda Police station and has requested help from authorities to get his house back. 

Shocked at finding himself homeless, Glenn said that someone else had broken into his flat in Fatorda and that they have been staying there unauthorised. 

Glenn has filed a police complaint against Constancio Fernandes and the flat occupants for criminally trespassing into his flat.  Incidentally, Glenn had come down to Goa for the ceremony where a road in Fatorda was named after his father, Chris Perry. 

The Fatorda police have informed that they have already arrested one of the accused in the case. Rafik a person from Borda was arrested in connection with the case filed by Glenn Perry. The Police have informed that the main accused Constancio Fernandes will soon be arrested for the offenses.

All the accused have been booked under sec 341 and 448 r/w 34 of IPC in the matter. 

While narrating what had happened when he went to check his house; Glenn said he was yelled at and asked to leave by the occupants of his flat. He further alleged that this is part of a major racket and called on all Goans to learn from this episode, which he said is an eye-opener; especially for those living abroad, who should check to see if there has been any criminal trespass on their properties. 

Glenn, while speaking to Herald, alleged that there is a big network of brokers and thieves, who conspire to take away properties in a  similar manner. 

"I urge the thousands of Goans abroad to take this seriously and be aware that these racketeers are going to usurp your houses and properties, if you'll don't bother to look at them. Don't trust anyone now,” said Glenn. 

He was upset that the accused person who had been arrested by the police received bail and felt this was letting the culprit go scot-free.  "If I don't get the right to my property and the persons usurping it are released, then there is a need to change the law to protect the interests of us Goans" he added.  He lamented that this is not the same Goa his father had lived in years ago.