27 Mar 2023  |   05:41am IST

Atal Setu closure and its effects

Atal Setu closure and its effects

Ever since the Atal Setu bridge has been closed for traffic, it has affected the traffic flow from Panjim to 

Mapusa and other cities. The bridge is closed for inspection and repairs which is built by L&T company. The closure of bridge has created a chaotic situation. Now entering Panjim city itself is big challenge and then going to Mapusa and Porvorim is another issue. The so called Smart City has been turned into a dull city. The officer goers are the ones that have been badly hit.

Though we have two more bridges, the flow of traffic at peak hours is unmanageable and entering Panjim  is big challenge.

Since there are many vehicles from all four sides, traffic police have to be on their toes and often the situation goes out of hand in the mornings and evenings. During the Budget session of the Assembly, it might be even worse.

The government and traffic cell should come together and find a solution to this mess and plan a better route to avoid such hurdles in the smooth flow of traffic to Panjim city.


Idhar Udhar