18 Sep 2023  |   05:59am IST

Ban entry of heavy vehicles in Sodiem

Ban entry of heavy vehicles in Sodiem

Sabina de Souza Sodiem, Siolim

Despite a ban on the entry of heavy vehicles, trucks laden with metal and other heavy goods enter the narrow lanes of Siolim-Sodiem damaging overhead powerlines, broadband cables and anything that comes their way.

The Siolim Sodiem panchayat had installed signboards at the Cunchelim junction banning the entry of heavy vehicles into the village especially during peak hours.

Unfortunately the signboards have disappeared and the monstrous vehicles force their way through the narrow lanes damaging the public utilities thereby posing a danger to human lives.

The brazen drivers pay no heed to anyone and enter even at peak hours creating traffic chaos and confusion. Often people are left stranded for hours together due to the traffic snarls. The issue has often dominated the proceedings of the gram sabha but the panchayat has turned a blind eye to the illegalities. The less said the better about the Mapusa Traffic Cell officials who are only concerned in issuing challans and very often pocketing money from violators. In fact they are duty-bound to implement the law in letter and spirit and keep a watch on such vehicles at peak hours.

However, this doesn’t happen as neither the panchayat nor the police are concerned about the sufferings of the common man. 

One wonders if the authorities will wake up only after a precious life is lost. 


Idhar Udhar