13 Mar 2023  |   05:47am IST

Bandodkar Marg drains blocked at various strategical points in city

Bandodkar Marg drains blocked at various strategical points in city

Few days ago, I have reported in the local papers what I had discussed with the project manager the suggestions on the thickness of asphalting going on which will create huge problems at Miramar to Panjim market road at near future. 

 On March 10, I saw the work was almost completed  and a supervisor cum another contractor on site accepted my views of water might get flooded as the outlet water going to River Mandovi are blocked at various points. Also I noticed the footpath everywhere is at low level than the new present asphalt. This contractor said let’s wait for the rains to start. 

In the meanwhile I saw the same contractor with his team lifting a steel made platform fitted on a chamber having size 3 x 1.5 metres having 18 holes into 12 holes where all kind of dirt had already entered in that internal drain.  

Such many chambers from Bandodkar road are in a row upto Miramar and beyond upto the Dona Paula circle. The connectivity of drains at this Bandodkar road are blocked at various strategical points. 

I suggested all the steel-made platform and this huge one in particular which was lifted must be modified to a small size and maintenance could be easy after modifying into small chambers. And no need of lifting all tiles along the whole road. These chambers must be levelled along with the asphalting already completed. 


Iddhar Udhar