04 Dec 2023  |   06:02am IST

Beggars continue to create nuisance in Goa

Beggars continue to create nuisance in Goa

Vinay Dwivedi Benaulim

For the past 4 years, Goa has seen an influx of beggars from Rajasthan, UP, Jharkhand and a few other places. At traffic lights, in public parks, in markets, at the railway station etc, we see a lot of them hustling formoney in an aggressive fashion. 

These begging syndicates if I may call them includes kids who also aid in thievery and stealing valuables from parked vehicles. The government makes grand announcements every once in a while to rid Goa of this menace but the police force does nothing on the ground. Our beautiful state is rapidly being taken over by these miscreants, unless the sarkar does something fast we shall see these beggars right at our door steps. 


Iddhar Udhar