20 Nov 2023  |   05:37am IST

CCP starts digging again near St Inez cemetery

CCP starts digging again near St Inez cemetery

Stephen Dias Dona Paula

The CCP has a habit of digging opposite St Inez cemetery dozens of times. The traffic is always at the mercy of these dug-up holes. This is a focal point for Panjimites to be careful while travelling on such roads. This road is very frequently used to go to Church, cemetery or to proceed from Panjim to Batulem or St Inez further areas.

Heavy digging is going on once again. It seems the reason to do so was to search a BSNL cable which was laid some years ago.

To find out the exact location, the CCP workers had to enquire with adjacent shopkeepers. If they had kept some records or a proper plan, the exact location for finding the cable fault could have been easily achieved.


Iddhar Udhar