08 Aug 2022  |   06:53am IST

Chinchinim narrow lane poses risk to students

Citizen Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

The establishment housing BoI Chinchinim and other businesses are forced to park vehicles on either side of the narrow lane. The building perimeter is raised and secured thus pushing the parking on the street. 

The children from Convent are forced to negotiate their way to and fro from school. The parking on either side, boundary wall of the ground, buildings, movement of vehicles reduces the access for the pedestrians. The immediate solution is to designate the narrow lane from main road as no parking zone during school hours. Besides, facility is feasible to mark it as one way lane.

Students of two schools and higher secondary and church goers are forced to cross the main road. Hence, the speed breaker or Zebra crossing will add to the safety of students. It could also be manned by Traffic Police.


Idhar Udhar