12 Feb 2024  |   05:56am IST

Clean up Old Goa Heritage areas

ALWYN M D’SA Miramar

The entire area behind the Se Cathedral stretching all the way to the Divar ferry is forever littered and gives a very bad impression of how we maintain cleanliness in Goa in general and the heritage/sacred locations in particular. 

Every street adjacent to the Se Cathedral is littered with garbage, plastic and other rubbish anywhere one looks - on the streets, gutters, bushes, etc.  With the wind, the litter flies everywhere. 

Is this the way to maintain cleanliness in such an important location?  Such a huge number of tourists too visit this area and what opinion about Goa's cleanliness standards will they carry with them?  Will the Old Goa Village Panchayat conduct an immediate cleanliness drive and have sweepers placed here at all times and give a face-lift to such an important location?


Iddhar Udhar