19 Oct 2020  |   05:23am IST

Clear the Panjim streets of garbage and filth

Clear the Panjim streets  of garbage and filth

These logs of wood along with other garbage has been lying on the Atmaram Borkar Road, for months at a stretch and the Corporation of The City of Panjim has not bothered to lift it and clear the street. 

So also there are other un-cleared garbage piles in the other parts of the city, including on the 18th June Road, the shopping street of Panjim and every side street.  

Besides, there are broken pots and overgrown plants within, which are never manicured. The footpaths and the chambers covering the gutters are so uneven that one miss-step and a person can have a serious fall. How can such rot in the capital city be tolerated? Is CCP blind to basic cleanliness and maintenance of the city?  How can we dream of becoming a Smart City when even the essential maintenance is not attended? Well maintained roads and footpaths, aesthetic street furniture, proper lighting etc. are really missing in all the towns of Goa.  

The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has already criticised the State for not fully utilising the Central funds allocated towards the Smart City projects.  Clearly, proper goals and strategy starting with the very basic maintenance is lacking in the concerned corporation.   


Iddhar Udhar