15 May 2023  |   05:44am IST

Commercial capital Margao seems to be a civic disaster

Commercial capital Margao seems to be a civic disaster

Citizen Vinay Dwivedi Benaulim

The commercial capital of Goa, Margao seems to be a civic disaster. Roads around the Margao municipal garden and other areas have been recently tarred and their level is almost higher than the existing peripheral level. 

As a result, a deep depression has formed between the pavement and the road edge which becomes a receptacle for sundry waste and is dangerous for vehicles, especially during the night. Moreover, exposed electrical cables and water pipes in the valley portion are prone to damage. The contractor should atleast have made a proper drain with rounded edges post tarring which would have helped in easy disposal of the rainwater. Secondly, paving done on the footpaths exhibit very poor workmanship, at many places they have either sunk or dislodged. 

At many sites where building construction is in progress the existing drains are choked with debris and their covers missing, posing a danger to both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. 

In Comba, concrete manhole covers are installed at a level higher than the pavements they are fixed in thus literally acting as stumbling blocks for pedestrians. There are various other issues but the worst part is that neither the PWD/town fathers want to be held accountable for this state of affairs nor do they seem to exercise any control over contractors engaged for executing the civil works. Everything is ‘Ram Bharosey’ with taxpayer’s money being criminally flushed down the drain.


Idhar Udhar