25 Sep 2023  |   05:13am IST

Conduct inspections of newly constructed roads

Conduct inspections of newly constructed roads

Gregory E Dsouza Siolim

The shocking picture is of the flyover between Agassaim and Goa Velha going towards Panaji. Whenever there is a heavy shower, the bridge turns into a river. 

The Highway authorities and PWD Engineers have failed to rectify these errors along the newly constructed Highway. Under the new bridges, the outlet water starts flowing onto the road and when there is any vehicle overtaking water dangerously splashes on to the wind screen of another vehicle or motorcycle rider which causes sudden blackout or fear to the vehicle driver which will lead to serious accidents.

The engineers should be made to move around to check on the newly constructed roads during the monsoons so that they can rectify the dangerous spots. 

It is not correct to blame the drivers for reckless driving. The Police should also start booking the PWD engineers for poor quality road design and execution of work when they conduct the panchanama. I hope the PWD Minister will act immediately since this is the right time before the monsoons bid goodbye.


Idhar Udhar