15 Apr 2024  |   05:45am IST

Consider safety of vehicle drivers/riders

Consider safety of vehicle drivers/riders

Gregory E Dsouza SIOLIM

The MDR-6 road in Siolim village which has been widened from the Chopdem bridge to the old theatre junction and the PWD has provided a divider whose width is hardly half a metre. In this divider, the PWD seems to have given approval to an agency to install the advertisement boards which are dangerously erected without considering the safety of the vehicle drivers/riders that will be plying on this road. How can such advertisement light boards be installed without considering the safe distance and height of the board to be installed. The work is in full swing. I request the authorities from the PWD, RTO and the Panchayat Road safety and traffic management committee to inspect the said works before its completion.

Throwing the safety precautions to the wind for the sake of getting some advertisement money should not be the criteria at the cost of causing accidents which may lead to serious injuries. Where is the Road engineering cell and are they not supposed to be consulted before such activities are decided ? Is there any approval for such works, as it is this road widening issue has landed in Court and the fact finding mission is still on who's dunit? I hope the contractor, if he has done it on his own, rectifies the same immediately.


Idhar Udhar