20 Nov 2023  |   05:43am IST

Control population of stray dogs

Control population of stray dogs

K G Vilop Chorao

Many people have undergone a harrowing experience and attack by dogs in Goa. Recently a Spanish tourist was attacked by a pack of dogs, bitten on both knees, as she was taking a stroll at Rajbagh beach in Canacona. 

In Bhatlem Govt Qrtrs and surrounding areas, many stray dogs have gone at the attacking stage, where even vehicle riders have been fallen down. With local governing bodies doing nothing to curb the population of strays and indiscriminate feeding by dog lovers and dumping of food wastes, the canines are turning to be a nuisance. The population is ever growing and packs of fierce dogs loiter the streets and chase anything they come across. 

The dogs gravitate to areas where food is easily accessible, such as waste dump sites, beaches and residential colonies where animal lovers are likely to feed them. 

If dogs are not sterilised then the number will increase. 

The state government should also make it mandatory for the owners to register their dogs. 

Local bodies are responsible to control the population . The Supreme Court order of 2001 clearly states that it is the responsibility of the civic agencies to control the population of stray dogs by spaying them.


Idhar Udhar