29 May 2023  |   06:10am IST

Damaged pipeline crying for attention at Marna

Damaged pipeline crying for attention at Marna

Citizen Ira Almeida Marna, Siolim

It has been three months that water has been leaking from a pipeline near the St Sebastian’s chapel in at Marna Siolim and till date lineman has preferred to maintain an ostrich like stance - pretending to see nothing.

The villagers here thirst for water as houses located at the upper level hardly receive water while those at lower level receive water only after at 8 pm and then vanishes after a few hours.

Even as the water is criminally wasted by the roadside due to the negligence of the PWD, the villagers pay high water bills for the few drops that trickle down their taps while precious water continues to be wasted.

Marna is full of mega projects and water supply to them is perennial but it is the common man who suffers the most here. We call upon Panchayat and PWD to pass a cursory glance on the wastage and repair the pipeline immediately before supplying contaminated water from the damaged pipeline to villagers which is a health hazard.


Idhar Udhar