20 Nov 2023  |   05:45am IST

Dangerous new Chandor road

Joaquim Dias Chandor

The newly inugurated road passing through Chandor via Nessai to Margao is both a boon and bane for villagers and motorists. Looks like there was a rush to open this road without necessary safeguards in place which is causing untold misery to the villagers. 

With Chandor-Guidolim crossing closed, the new road is experiencing a massive rush of traffic at all times. Planned speed-breakers at cross roads and sign boards with speed limits need to be erected as a matter of urgency. The whole stretch is uneven and needs thorough levelling and hot mixing. Village pedestrians and elderly need safe pavements to walk on both sides of the new road. 

Frequent road accidents during day and night are a regular feature on here. With no speed limits and speed breakers, the traffic is flowing at a huge speed without any care for the locals. Local residents have to wait for long periods to enter this main road from the inner roads of the village. 

During morning and afternoon, the police should regulate and monitor the traffic to keep school and college children safe.

Overhead electricity wires too are a hazard which too need to be looked into with loaded trucks using this road. The transport minister and South Goa collector should take immediate cognizance of this matter. The Chandor-Guirdolim crossing needs to be opened so that traffic is equally regulated and eased on this new road. We hope the concerned authorities will look into this issue and bring relief to the villagers and motorists.


Idhar Udhar