18 Sep 2023  |   06:02am IST

Decrepit state of Dabolim International Airport

Decrepit state of Dabolim International Airport

Rekha Sarin Trehan Benaulim

The upkeep of Dabolim International Airport leaves a lot to be desired, some areas of the terminal have a particularly shabby appearance owing to damaged plasterboards, discoloured perforated aluminium ceilings, charred AC diffusers, leakages, shattered glass panels about to disintegrate totally and fall on some unsuspecting passenger (extremely dangerous), torn furniture upholstery, exposed  framing members and what have you. 

It does not behove of the Airports Authority of India or the Goa state government to let such infrastructure go to seed. What impression will foreign visitors get when they transit through the airport? No point making a huge hullabaloo about Incredible India, G20, Amrit Kaal, etc, when our assets are in such a decrepit state.


Idhar Udhar