Herald: Drinking water wasted in Sanguem
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Drinking water wasted in Sanguem

05 Nov 2018 05:14am IST
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05 Nov 2018 05:14am IST



SANGUEM: Sanguem citizens have bitterly complained of wastage of huge quantity of drinking water on a daily basis near Sambhari residence at Bamonsai, Sanguem.

While on one hand, the Government spends lakhs of rupees on advertisements to 'save water', the Water Supply Department, Sanguem on the other hand has been totally negligent on the issue of 'Save Water Campaign' and are hardly seen taking cognisance of water leakage on urgent basis.

Citizens informed that the water leakage near Sambhari residence by the side of the road proceeding to Nondurlem has been going on for the past many months.

However, during monsoon, the water flow which runs into the open drains could not be noticed as it was presumed to be rain water. But now, with the monsoon having gone by and with the water flow in the open drain still continuing, the citizens have urged the authorities to immediately repair the pipeline to avoid further wastage of drinking water.

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