26 Feb 2024  |   07:17am IST

Haphazard parking near Fr Agnel Ashram, Verna

Haphazard parking near  Fr Agnel Ashram, Verna

Citizen Lucas D’Souza Verna

This is a scenario which occurs almost on a daily basis near the Fr Agnel Ashram Verna which causes extreme difficulties to the residents residing in the vicinity of this elite institution. There is a road opposite the Ashram main gate where fou-wheelers and two wheelers are parked haphazardly ( As seen in the attached pic) making it almost impossible for a fire brigade or ambulance to pass in an emergency situation. 

NO PARKING signboards are in place but the motorists/bikers give it scant respect and turn a blind eye. Imagine an institution having a student force of around 2000/3000 and the number of vehicles they and their parents come with. The ashram authorities do not allow students or their parents to take their vehicles inside their compound where there is ample of parking space. Numerous letters/articles sent via the print media regarding the same has no effect. I even suggested to our local panch to post a constable there at the beginning n after school hours. There is also a pedestrian underpass but not used at all by the students/teachers n they gingerly cross the road.

Hopefully the Ashram authorities will take cognizance of these difficulties faced by the local residents and allow students/parents to park their vehicles inside their compound.


Idhar Udhar