20 May 2024  |   06:55am IST

Haphazard work by power dept

Haphazard work by power dept


The much-awaited and needed underground electric cabling work has started in Cuncolim. Sadly the haphazard work conducted by the Goa Electricity Department (GED) is risking people’s life. At present, the entire Cuncolim ward roads are dug in the name of development. No surprise the freshly tarred roads were meant for digging. New contracts bring more commissions. 

One thing that is hard to understand is why the contractor was allowed to dig the roads by using excavators when technology is available to lay cables by underground drilling. This shows a lack of supervision by GED, local authorities and substandard contractor selection.

With monsoon waiting at doorsteps, authorities need to atleast clear the debris from the road, re-cement the dug roads, clear storm water drains to avoid flooding. I hope better sense prevails in Goa.


Iddhar Udhar