01 Apr 2024  |   06:12am IST

Heritage structures must always be preserved

Heritage structures must always be preserved


Somehow preservation of heritage structures has come to be linked with only religious structures which absolutely is a wrong concept and with a possibility that it can be misused to create a communal discord.

By virtue of the fact that Goa has a rich history consisting of many rulers, dynasties, colonial rule, we Goans are blessed to have a large number of heritage structures going much beyond the religious categories. If we are talking of restoring some heritage religious structures, the govt must be focussed not only on studying destroyed heritage temples but on studying other destroyed heritage and presently existing but in a dilapidated condition all such heritage structures which are a great wealth of our state.

In our tiny state, we have plenty of heritage structures such as forts, houses, culverts and stands called dovornnem. All these are lying neglected as the archives dept seems to be interested only in restoring religious structures and panchayats claim that they have no funds to restore them. Many heritage structures are on the verge of destruction and with the govt having a very soft corner for builders many heritage houses have just vanished. Heritage structures are priceless gems left behind for us by our ancestors and we have to preserve it at all costs. The govt should go beyond religious structures and go down to every panchayat, discover every structure and take steps to ensure that they are maintained as they are an inseparable part of our history which can make history alive to our future generations.


Iddhar Udhar