Herald: Illegal ‘no parking’ board at commercial complex

Illegal ‘no parking’ board at commercial complex

11 Feb 2019 05:11am IST
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11 Feb 2019 05:11am IST
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Paul Carvalho

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CURCHOREM: Spaces meant for public parking are being blocked by displaying boards and blocking the roads by putting up chains at the entrance, one of such case being at the commercial building situated in the main market, next to road the leading to Sarvodaya High School in Curchorem.

Public parking spaces for vehicles have become a serious issue in Curchorem market area particularly for those who visit the town for shopping and for other work. 

Curchorem-Cacora Municipal Council (CCMC) former councilor Manohar Naik criticised the authorities for ignoring the growing problem of parking and allowing the constructions of buildings without providing required parking spaces within their premises.

Naik raised objections against the notice pasted at the entrance of the building complex, which states ‘No Parking for General Public, Parking for Premises Owners Only’.

He said “Once it is declared a commercial building it becomes a public property and notices of such kind cannot be pasted in commercial buildings as the public who are visiting the particular shop in the building must be allowed and has right to park their vehicles in the given parking space as per the plan which is approved by Town and Country Planning (TCP) Department and the Municipality.”

Naik has urged the authorities to immediately remove the notice and the chains that are blocking the entrance and make the owners of every building in the market area to compulsorily put up a sign board specifying the direction for parking in their complexes.

Some shop owners from the complex also complained that their business got affected on account of the notice and the chain put up on the entrance blocking road as customers are not allowed to bring their vehicles inside and they have to park them on the main public road if they have to visit their shops.

When the matter was brought to the notice of the CCMC, Chairperson Felix Fernandes admitted that such notices cannot be put up and cannot block the road for a commercial complex. “I will instruct the Chief Officer to inquire and send the necessary show cause notice to concerned party immediately and clear the way if it is blocked”, he assured.

When Herald recently highlighted the parking problems in Curchorem, Deputy Town Planner Manguirish Verenkar had said that the Department approves the buildings and constructions plans based on Goa Land Development and Building Construction Regulations 2010 chart parking schedule, wherein for every 50 square meters one parking space in commercial building and one parking for 75 square meters for residential building is earmarked and has to monitored by the village panchayat or municipality as per their jurisdiction.

This raises the pertinent question for the public and concerned authorities, whether the TCP rules, guidelines and regulations are followed while constructing new buildings in Curchorem market area and the occupancy certificates are legally granted.

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