Herald: Make Goa clean and safe again; manage stray dogs and cattle

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Make Goa clean and safe again; manage stray dogs and cattle

11 Mar 2019 05:48am IST
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11 Mar 2019 05:48am IST

The amount of stray dogs and cattle are becoming a laughing joke! They only seem to multiply - that means their mess on the roads and footpaths are multiplying too making it nearly impossible to walk on some roads which too, aren’t maintained.

Garbage is not being cleared for months, people continue to dump garbage on the roadsides round the bins, making it an attraction for dogs and cattle to tear into the food packages thus making a further mess.

I have written on several occasions previously to get the rubbish cleared around the electricity board in Taleigao and only once was this cleared by the PWD in February last year after my article was published (picture included) in the Herald.

Who is responsible for clearing garbage and rubbish on the roads? Please take action! Street-lights not working near the garbage bins in the same area and need to be replaced. This makes the outlet a target for dumpers which adds to the existing mess and stench. Now with the rainy season approaching it makes it a cause for concern.

Several years ago Goa was so clean and a joy to live in! I felt proud of the place and recommended friends to come visit here, but now the ugly garbage sights are a real eyesore. 

Stray dogs chasing children, pedestrians, scooters and cars make areas unsafe. The area around the cemetery needs to be cleared too. Stray dogs and cattle should be contained. Don’t let my article fall upon deaf ears. Please make Goa a clean and beautiful city once again.
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