Herald: Miramar Beach benches in pathetic condition

Miramar Beach benches in pathetic condition

05 Nov 2018 05:14am IST
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05 Nov 2018 05:14am IST

With reference to your article in Herald it was a pathetic sight to see our Goan senior citizens who come to Miramar beach to watch the amazing sunset over the Arabian sea, being made to sit on dilapidated, crumbling and dangerous seats overlooking the beach.

Can we not offer our fathers and grandfathers who are in their sunset years some decent seating?

It was heartbreaking to watch them try to settle down on the seats which have remained in their original positions but the sand has risen to an uncomfortably high level due to the wind, thus making every attempt to lower themselves onto the cement bench an ordeal by itself.

Bear in mind, they are all very senior citizens with very decreased mobility and agility. 

Is the government and the ministry concerned with this department so apathetic that they cannot redress this issue on a priority basis?

It was sad to sit and talk to the elders who come daily in the evening to watch the sunset and listen to them plagued with deep angst , pleading with us with deep angst, to do something to alleviate this deplorable condition. The morning walkers and people who come to sit, I am told, bring their own blanket to put over the crumbling seat to prevent any injury.

The seats are literally falling apart and steel rods protruding, which in itself is a guaranteed recipe for disaster when these brave souls try to sit down on a low seat, which is rocking due to loosened foundations and they are also holding a walking stick in their hand. A potentially dangerous balancing act.

How insensitive can this department get? Apparently, from what we were told, many pleas have been made but have all fallen on deaf ears.

I, therefore, urge the powers that be, to at least on humanitarian grounds and out of sheer respect for our seniors, repair these seats on a priority basis. Let these septuagenarians and octogenarians enjoy their golden years, watching the beauty of a sunset. As someone rightly said "A sunset is a candlelight vigil held in memory of the day and a fervent hope for a new tomorrow".

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