20 May 2024  |   06:58am IST

Newly hot-mixed Marna-Gaunsavaddo link road in Siolim damaged, dug up again by PWD

Newly hot-mixed Marna-Gaunsavaddo link road in Siolim damaged, dug up again by PWD


The newly hotmixed Marna-Siolim link road, which was closed a almost two years for undertaking the widening through the verdant green fields of Siolim has shockingly been dug and damaged by the PWD again. 

Sources allege that the road has been dug to repair a damaged pipeline which supplies water to hotels and mega projects. 

It’s been almost three days that labourers of the PWD have been digging and trying to find the source of the damaged pipeline. Sources say that the valve was leaking. If so, why weren’t things not set right during the construction of the road? Why keep on digging roads on and again? 

What is worse is that this is a busy route and no barricades have been installed for the safety of road users. All one can see are two road safety tapes that serve no practical purpose. This amounts to criminal negligence on the part of the PWD and the officials should be held vicariously responsible if there is damage to life and limb. 

The road has been constructed at the cost of the public exchequer by wasting crores of rupees, damaging fields for which compensation has not been paid to farmers and it is alleged that the road does not correspond to the plan either. 

Will the contractor be pulled up for such negligence and shoddy work? Will he be asked to compensate for the damage caused to the road by the poor-quality pipes that have been laid? It is high time that the authorities penalize the wrongdoers and ask them to pay for the damages. Today the road is repaired and an ‘environment-friendly’ barricade is placed in the middle of the road. Perhaps this happens only in Goa.  

The MLA should please step in and stop this nonsense.


Iddhar Udhar